Mazda Roadster will be launched in 2015

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    It has been the world's first public finally.
    It is the unveiling of the new Mazda Roadster.

    I wonder if different from those front face had been planned?
    It is a ... selfish ... because I had imagined the edgy design a little more

    Design of the rear is my favorite.
    ... Such as the model of the one before the current model of the BMW Z4

    It is a personal opinion, but one model before I Z4 or is not good-looking?

    Good thing about Mazda Roadster,
    You may place pedigree has been taken over.

    I understand the way you are with the "!'s Roadster" even look at any of the models until now.

    ... Including the original roadster was called Nante broad beans
    Model of the retractable headlights I will or Natsukashika~tsu.

    To expect next and I'm RX7.

    Share the platform and this roadster,
    There are rumors and equipped with a rotary engine.

    Mazda is interesting! Let's expectations and further! !

    Same fog lights Solio and SX4 Suzuki car?

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      I have received your order along with the monk's working clothes today.
      It was a introduce from customers, but thank you ... really. Lucky

      I have received inquiries about the Suzuki SX4.

      Since unsatisfactory by the fog and headlights halogen bulb of normal of SX4,
      We want to replace the LED fog but LED fog Solio for either would be mountable?

      Most of the Suzuki car, but I share the same unit of fog lamp,
      I am using a separate unit for SX4.

      Because I also ... it has owned the SX4 (2009 type)
      If there are that it has considered the LED at this time. .

      To see and peek fog from the engine room by opening the hood and attempt to install

      Shape of the mounting portion was completely distinct.
      Solio whereas has a shape, such as fixed by screws (three actually) four,
      The SX4 has become something like plug snaps into the socket. Nono

      It is impossible because it is not at the level of the pupil made ​​by processing.

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